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Here's What We Can Do For Seniors At CHHC 

Every Year Thousands Of People Like You Realize They Need A Helping Hand Taking Care Of An Love One, Or Keeping Up With The Responsibility Of Being A Family Provider. Clients, Families, And Advocates Seek Answers To Many Questions When Considering Home Care, And Rightfully So. CHHC Caregivers Understand And Welcome Your Questions And Provides Logical, Fact-Based Answers To Facilitate Decision-Making.

Listed Are The Most Frequently Asked Questions With Straight Forward Answers. Please Contact Us At 281-296-3588 Or Email Us At [email protected] For Further Information.  

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What's The Difference Between A Licensed Agency And An Unlicensed Provider?

A Licensed Agency Are Evaluated Frequently By The Texas Department Of Health And Human Services For Compliance With Regulations And Standards. Higher Standards And More Supervision = BETTER CARE.

An Unlicensed Provider Has No Rules Or Regulations To Operate By The State. Providing Services Without A License Can Have Dangerous Consequences That Will Affect Your Love One Life. 

Is It More Expensive To Engage A Licensed Agency Than To Hire My Own Caregiver?

Yes, If You Are Referring To Initial Out-Of-Pocket Expenses. However, The Tangible and Intangible Benefits Of Engaging A Licensed Agency Justify Any Additional Cost. If You Hire Caregivers Yourself, You Are The Employer And As Such, You Are Responsible For Not Only Their Wages But Also For Some Things That You Perhaps Haven't Thought About:

  • Paying all Federal and State Payroll Texas
  • Depositing Payroll Deductions
  • Filling State And Federal Pay Roll Tax Reports
  • Recruiting, Hiring and Firing Employees
  • Scheduling Employees And Then Rescheduling Employees When The Primary Caregivers Are Late, Sick, Or Need Time Off

Charming Hearts Has Witness Cases Where Families Hired Their Own Caregivers And Chose To Consider The Employee An "Independent Contractor" Thereby Ignoring Payroll Taxes Or Work-Related Accident Insurance. Typically, This Becomes A Serious Issue When The Employee Is Terminated And Subsequently Files An Unemployment Claim.

Charming Hearts HealthCare, A Licensed Agency, Is The Employer Of Our Caregivers And Is Responsible For All Expenses And Costs Associated With State And Federal Employment Laws, Work-Related Injuries, And All Other Employer Obligations. No Worries.

Advantages of Hiring Charming Hearts Health Care Ensures:

* Personal Care Attendants Professional And Personal References Are Thoroughly Checked.

Personal Care Attendants Are Backgrounds And Drug Tested. 

Personal Care Attendants Are Covered Under Charming Hearts' Insurance And Bonding.

Personal Care Attendants Are Trained Per Texas Depart Health And Charming Hearts Guidelines

Personal Care Attendants Attend Mandatory Alzheimers/Dementia Training.

Personal Care Attendants And TB Screenings Are Required For Employment

* All Personal Care Attendants Are Legal To Work In The U.S.

* We Match Personal Care Attendants To The Client/Family According To Specific Needs And Abilities.

Personal Care Attendants Interviews Are Prearranged By Charming Hearts Staff.

* Replacements/Fill-Ins Are Promptly Managed Through Charming Hearts.

* Private Duty Payments Can Be Made Directly From Your Bank Account Bi-Weekly.

* Customer Service Is Our Agency’s Specialty.

Reasons to Avoid Hiring a Private Caregiver:

* Private Caregivers Are Your Employees And You Are Responsible For Taxes And Insurance.

* If A Private Caregiver Is Injured At Your Home It Is Your Responsibility.

* You Cannot Control Who Works With You Or Your Loved One If Your Caregiver Is Off Or Becomes Ill.

* What If An Unacceptable Caregiver Is Sent As A Replacement Without Your Knowledge?

* Who Will Supervise The Caregiver? Discipline Them If Needed? Terminate Them If Needed?

* What If Your Parent Is A Victim Of Financial, Emotional Or Even Physical Abuse?

How Quickly Can Services Be Provided/Started?

Generally, Services Can Be Provided Within A 12-24 Hour Time Frame.

How Difficult Is It To Cancel Services With Charming Hearts HealthCare?

It’s Very Simple. Services Can Be Canceled Prior To The Beginning Of A Personal Care Attendant’s Scheduled Shift, Without Penalty Or Charges. Our Phones Are Answered Around The Clock By A Charming Hearts HealthCare's Representative. We Are Very Flexible In Our Scheduling So Most Requests Can Be Honored. We Understand That Events And Circumstances May Result In Disrupted Schedules Or In A Situation In Which Fewer Or Additional Hours Are Required. We will comply with your requests to the best of our abilities. We Ask Only That You Provide As Much Advance Notice As Possible To Minimize The Impact On Our Personal Care Attendants.

Can My Caregiver Take Me Out Shopping, To Doctor Appointments Or The Other Outings?

Of Course. You May Notify Our Office That You Wish For Your Caregiver To Drive You In Your Car To Your Appointments. This Is Documented By Signing The Appropriate Permission Form. If You Do Not Own A Car, Then Our Personal Care Attendant Can Drive You In His Or Her Own Personal Vehicle. You Will Be Billed For The Mileage Incurred To And From Your Residence At The Rate Of $.55 Per Mile. All Of The Mileage Charges Billed To The Client Are Paid To The Personal Care Attendant.

What Happens If I Need To Go To The Hospital And I Want A Caregiver With Me?

No Problem. In Fact, We Provide Personal Care Attendant For Patients In Hospitals And Other Facilities All The Time. Your Regular Personal Care Attendant Can Most Likely Maintain Your Typical Schedule. In The Event Additional Shifts Are Requested Or A Substitute Is Necessary, Charming Hearts Health Care Will Make The Appropriate Arrangements. Our Goal Is To Help You Get Well And Back To Your Familiar Home Environment.

What Insurance Plans/Payment Plans Do Charming Hearts Accept?

Charming Hearts Accepts Private Insurance Companies And Private Duty Pay. In the Future Will Accept Other Forms Of Payment And Plans Such As Medicaid And Etc.

Home And Community Support Services Agency License #018658

Texas Department Of Health And Human Services

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